GCBOA Board Meeting

GCBOA Board Meeting

August 14, 2016

GCBOA Board Meeting
August 14, 2016

I. Call to Order- 7:04 p.m.

II. Membership/Financial Presentation- Angelo/Jason
– Currently have approx. 300 members—We may lose 20-25 of those members due to non-renewal of OHSAA dues
– We recently moved bank accounts from US Bank to 5/3 Bank, due to fees being charged by US Bank on our savings account. Financials will be available for review.

III. Give Away Item Discussion- Board voted to inquire into a Wet Bag item as a Give Away item. Board will research and report back to all.

IV. New Class Matt/Jeff- Discussed changing the format to more PP versus printing the manual and distributing to new students Board voted 9-0 to approve Matt Velten and Jeff Ayers as instructors and to decide which format they would like to use for the class this upcoming season
a. Members Holding Own Class- Discussion regarding changing our By-Laws to read that members of GCBOA may not offer a New Officials class without GCBOA approval. Angelo will research this further and report back to the Board.
b. New Format?- Matt and Jeff discussed changing the format of the class as noted previously.

V. 20 Year Members- Dues and Tournament Discussion- Angelo explained the rationale fo r20 years members regarding dues payment and how this relates and does not affect GCBOA primary members when it comes to Tournament voting.

VI. Dinner Meeting- Angelo- Discussed the date of the dinner meeting, January 8, 2017. Requested feedback regarding moving it to a new locale, or staying at the Montgomery Inn and charging $35.00 per person. MI raised their fee to $36.00 per person for dinner. Board is ok raising the cost to $35.00 and paying the difference and service tip to MI.

VII. Meeting Topics- We need to add topics to each date- Please think of topics to add and ones you may present

a. Oct 24-
i. Arbiter and Arbiter Pay presentation
ii. Business Items
iii. New Rules Review and 2015 Rules Review
iv. DCM will be on site selling needed Officials Equipment

b. Nov 1
i. Dave Campbell to present- Assigning and Tournament Assigning
ii. Traveling Discussion and Videos

c. Nov 7- Floor Clinic-
i. Moeller HS 2 Person and 3 Person
ii. DCM will be on site selling Officials Equipment

d. Nov 14

e. Nov 21
i. Round Table Discussion

f. Jan 8, 2017- Dinner Meeting
i. Montgomery Inn- $35.00 per person
ii. Working to get a speaker for the meeting

VIII. Open Discussion/Miscellaneous
a. In attendance:
i. Jim Rudisell, Andy Ey, Jason Arthur, Matt Velten, Jeff Ayers, Antonio Woods, Tony Overstreet, Lonnie Grizzel, Angelo Zolotas
ii. Committee Assignments
1. Audit- Jason Arthur, Abby Ballman, Sean O’Shaughnessey
2. Program- Ben Levin, Andy Ey, Angelo Zolotas
3. Rules- Jeff Ayers, Matt Velten, Antonio Woods
4. Nominating- Kirk Brinker, Larry Lasita, Tony Overstreet
5. Governance- Jim Rudisell, Lonnie Grizzel, Nick Schmidt

Meeting was closed at 8:50 p.m.

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