GCBOA officials at OHSAA State Tournaments

We are proud of our fine officials. Over the years, many of them have been asked to officiate the finals of the Ohio High School State Tournament.

Year Boys State Tournament Girls State Tournament
1983 Kelly Whelan
1985 Kelly Whelan
1990 Kelly Whelan
1993 Kelly Whelan
1996 Kelly Whelan
1999 Kelly Whelan
2000 Kelly Whelan
Jon Warden
Jim O’Connor
2001 Butch Burbridge Matt Velten
Tom Berns
2002 Dan Koterba Kelly Whelan
Glen Perry
Gary Switzer
2003 Tom Berns
2004 Angelo Zolotas
2005 Matt Velten Kelly Whelan
Dan Koterba Gary Switzer
Butch Burbridge
2006 Matt Velten
Guy Wright
2007 Matt Velten Kelly Whelan
Jeff Ayers
Doug Harmon
Whit Hickman
2008 Glen Perry
2009 Dan Koterba Kelly Whelan
Jeff Ayers
Tim Donovan Jr.
2010 Matt Velten Angelo Zolotas
2011 Dan Koterba Kelly Whelan
Doug Harmon
2012 Jeff Ayers Marty Monterosso
2013 Matt Velten Kelly Whelan
2014 Angelo Zolotas
2015 Matt Velten Kelly Whelan
Glen Perry
Doug Harmon
2016 Kevin Birkofer Jeff Ayers
Angelo Zolotas Nick Schmidt
Guy Wright
Rennie Cousineau