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Officials Report Form

This report can be downloaded and submitted electronically (preferred method) to the State, or it may be faxed or mailed.

It’s directly located here including instructions for completing:

Whenever an ejection occurs, the ejecting official shall speak with the offender’s principal/athletic director no later than the first school day following the ejection. An official failing to follow the ejection protocol and/or failing to file the Official’s Report may be penalized in accordance with Section VIII.A.5 of the OHSAA Handbook for Officials.  Please use one form per offending school. Each offending school will need its own form completed. The report shall be filed with the OHSAA within 48 hours of the ejection. The OHSAA will send a copy of the form to the reported school.

The “Official’s Report” form is also used to report good or poor sportsmanship, severe injuries, facility problems, or equipment problems. Ejections other then players or coaches and other items of which the Commissioner should be made aware must be provided.

The reporting official will receive notification of resolution upon receipt of the reported school’s reply.

Please indicate the ejected person’s first and last name. Make sure that the form is complete at the bottom with the date and name of the administrator that was contacted.

Concussion Forms

  • Concussion Report Form:  .docx  |  .pdf


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