GCBOA Board minutes for 5/18/2014

GCBOA Board Meeting
May 18, 2014
Agenda Items

Call to Order 7:05 p.m.- Marty Monterosso

Attendees- Greg Steinker, Marty Monterosso, Jason Arthur, Jim Rudisell, Jeff Ayers, Matt Velten, Sean O’Shaughnessey, Jeff Bailey, Dave Shire, Britton Maier, Jason Knoderer, Ed Williams, Angelo Zolotas Members Excused- Kirk Brinker, Andy Ey

  1. Meeting Dates
    1. October 20- Beau Rugg ( Associate OHSAA Commissioner) to speak. All local associations attend. Walnut Hills HS
    2. October 27- Landmark
      1. State Review
      2. Rule Changes
      3. Association Business
    3. November 3- Floor Clinic- Moeller HS- Confirmed
      1. 3 Person Floor Clinic- Kirk Brinker , Andy Ey, Angelo Zolotas
      2. 2 Person Floor Clinic- Jeff Bailey and Ed Williams
    4. Nov 10- Landmark- Discuss Topics to Add
      1. Closely Guarded Count- 3 Person Rotation-Over & Back-Out of Bounds Ball Placement- Video Reviews of Plays- Use of FB, Twitter, Blogs to Expand Education
    5. Nov 17 Landmark- Discuss Topics to Add
      1. See Above Topics- Carry Over and add others
      2. Open Discussion amongst Membership
    6. Nov 24- Landmark- No Meeting to be Held this Date
    7. Jan 11, 2015- Dinner Meeting- Montgomery Inn- Guest Speaker Suggestions?-Confirmed
      1. Will ask Phil Bova to speak- Wait on confirmation, if unavailable, will work on other options
  1. Sound System/Projector- Andy Ey to present options
    1. Board voted 13-0 to approve expenditure of up to $2000 to be spent for Speaker/Video/IT needs. Committee of Andy Ey, Sean O., Jason A., and Angelo will research and report.
  1. IT- Do we purchase laptops for New Class and Program Director?
    1. Board approved as part of above vote to obtain 2 laptops for GCBOA use as specified.
    2. Wireless Internet at Landmark- Will check with Landmark regarding its availability. Will research options if not currently available. Options- Hot Spot, GCBOA Order and pay for it.
  2. Dues- Do we want to take Credit Card, PayPal, Ref Pay payments?
    1. Board voted 13-0 to approve accepting Dues by Pay Pal/Credit Card. Jason Arthur to review with PayPal the process and set up. Board approved the option to pay by CC or Check this year.
    2. Board voted 13-0 to approve raising dues to $26 to cover conversion to PayPal/Credit Card
    3. Jeff Ayers presented Financial Report for last year. Reviewed and Approved
  3. Award Nominations- Ballaban/Franklin
    1. Ballaban- Matt Velten was nominated for the Ballaban Award- Approved by Board
    2. Franklin- Jeff Ayers was nominated for the Franklin Award- Approved by Board
    3. Franklin- Greg Steinker was nominated for the Franklin award- Approved by Board
  4. Additional Business/Open Discussion
    1. Board Committee Assignments:
      1. Audit- Jason Knoderer, Jason Arthur, Britton Maier
      2. Program- Jim Rudisell, Marty Monterosso, Ed Williams
      3. Rules- Jeff Ayers, Jeff Bailey, Sean O’Shaughnessey
      4. Nominating- Greg Steinker, Dave Shire, Matt Velten
      5. Governance- Kirk Brinker, Jeff Bailey, Andy Ey
    2. Jason Knoderer is organizing a Gold Outing for all local Officials, to be held on a Sunday in August, at Eagles Nest Golf Course. Jason will provide additional details to Members regarding the event. Discussed inviting Coaches and AD’s to the event also.
    3. Email Distribution- Currently, due to a large amount of SPAM which was previously being sent out through our email distribution, email is currently limited to be sent only by members who are on the email distribution. Outside parties who try to email the GCBOA group will be blocked from sending their email. Anyone who needs to have something forwarded to the group may contact Angelo or Sean.
    4. Meetings- Asked that Advisory Board members and Association members be willing to present a topic previously listed or one of choice to the Association at one of our meetings.
  1. Meeting was called to Adjourn 8:50 p.m.- seconded by Angelo Zolotas

Respectfully Submitted

Angelo Zolotas

GCBOA Secretary

The above information has been slightly edited to appear correctly on the site. The actual minutes as submitted by the secretary are GCBOA Board Meeting May 18 2014.

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