Rules changes for 2013/14

1-19 New

The use of electronic devices is permitted during the game.


A single visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference is permitted on the team jersey, not to exceed 2 1/4 square inches with no dimension more than 2 1/4 inches. The manufacturer’s logo may be located no more than 5 inches below the shoulder seam on the front of the jersey, or 2 inches from the neckline on the back of the jersey; or in either side insert.


Arm and leg compression sleeves shall:

A team shall not:

a. Use a megaphone or any electronic communication device at courtside, or electronic equipment for voice communication with players on the court.

b. Use electronic audio and /or video devices to review a decision of the contest officials.

10-4-5 Note

Signal Chart

The head coach may enter the court in the situation where a fight may break out or has broken out to prevent the situation from escalating.

Added a mechanic of a defensive tip (brushing one hand over the other above the head) to indicate the official has ruled the ball entered the backcourt as a result of contact with a defensive player.


The coaching box shall be outlined outside the side of the court on which the scorer’s and timer’s table and team benches are located.  The area shall be bounded by a line drawn 14 feet from the end line towards the mid-court. At this point a line drawn from the sideline toward the team bench becomes the end of the coaching box going towards the end line.  From this line go another 14 feet towards the mid-court, then a line drawn towards the bench becomes the end  of the coaching box closest to mid-court.  The coaching box is 14 feet long placed in the middle of the regulation 42 feet long half court. These lines shall be located off the court and be 2 inches wide.

3-5-1 NoteEach state association may, in keeping with applicable laws, authorize exceptions to NFHS playing rules to provide reasonable accommodations to individual participants with disabilities and/or special needs, as well as those individuals with unique and extenuating circumstances.  The accommodations should not fundamentally alter the sport heighten risk to the athlete/others or place opponents at a disadvantage.

2013-14 Points of Emphasis

1.   Granting Time-out
2.   Guidelines to enforce illegal contact
3.   Intentional foul
2013-15 Basketball Manual Points of Emphasis

1.   Proper Mechanics
2.   Dead Ball Officiating

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