Shooting sleeves and headbands

Below is a question to Denny Morris, along with his answer, regarding shooting sleeves and head bands.  Nice clarification as we are in the heart of league play

Good Morning Denny,

I couldn’t ask this question on the OHSAA basketball web site because it doesn’t allow to me cut & paste pictures. I would appreciate a clarification on legal arm sleeves and headbands.

First, let me say that I hate being the “fashion police” at a basketball game, but rules are rules.

I’ve had a few games at Holiday Tournaments with teams from all over the State. I know that the rule states that arm sleeves must be solid in color, and that all members of the same team must wear the same colored sleeve if worn. When we see a player with a sleeve that is not legal, we tell them that they cannot participate with the sleeve we deem illegal (see picture A). The Coach objects telling us that we’re the first refs to say anything. We tell the Coach that the sleeve must be solid in color with 1 manufacturer’s logo allowed. (such as in picture B). Are we correct in not allowing the player to wear the sleeve in picture A?

Picture A Picture B
image001 image002
Illegal Legal

Also, many female players are wearing headbands with multiple logos as in picture C. We also tell them that these types of headbands are not legal, but that the ones in picture D are.

Are we correct in this also?

Picture C Picture B
image003 image004
Illegal Legal

I’ve had this question asked by a couple of our Association members also during our meeting discussions and want to give them the definitive answer from our D.O.D on this since Tournament time is approaching.

Thanks for your help.

Answer from Denny Morris:

sleeve-yes A is illegal and cannot be worn.  However, there is a good chance that if turned inside out, it would be solid color and assuming it matched others or was only one worn, would then be legal  You cannot be responsible for what previous officials did or did not do…your job is to properly enforce the rules.  The coach should be well aware of the rule anyway.

Headband C is also illegal…same applies, it might be made legal by flipping inside out…


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