2011 Election Results

Thanks to those who voted last week during the GCBOA Elections, and to those members included on the ballot offering to volunteer their time to GCBOA.

Congratulations to the below members who were voted onto the Board by their peers:

Vice President- Greg Steinker

Advisory Board- Jay Cooper
Advisory Board- Rennie Cousineau
Advisory Board- Ivan Fulton

Also, congratulations to the members who were voted as our 30 members for Boys and Girls Tournament Voting:

Boys Girls
Alan Forsythe Wade Bent
Angelo Zolotas Tom Brown
Antonio Woods Tim Donovan
Brian Selzer Shane Meenach
Bucky Switzer Rennie Cousineau
Doug Harmon Mike Ramey
Glenn Perry Mike Peddicord
Grant Stanley Marty Monterosso
Greg Popolin Kirk Brinker
Greg Steinker Kevin Birkofer
Guy Wright Kelly Whelan
Ivan Fulton Joe Yoshimura
Jason Arthur Jim Rudisell
Jay Cooper Jerry Rotella
Jeff Ayers Jeff Ayers
Jerry Rotella Jay Cooper
Jim Rudisell Jason Arthur
Joe Yoshimura Ivan Fulton
Kevin Birkofer Guy Wright
Kirk Brinker Greg Steinker
Marty Montrosso Greg Popolin
Matt Velten Grant Stanley
Mike Hopkins Glenn Perry
Mike Ramey Ed Williams
Rennie Cousineau Doug Harmon
Roth Coleman Dave Shire
Shane Meenach Bucky Switzer
Tim Donovan Brian Selzer
Tom Brown Angelo Zolotas
Wade Bent Alan Forsythe

Thank You,

GCBOA Elections

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