GCBOA Website

I hope you are enjoying your Basketball offseason, and your season went well and finished well.

I have one request of you when you have a moment.  We have been working to update the GCBOA website.  As part of this, we have added pieces and updated the membership piece.  My request is to ask you to take a moment to view the membership tab and check that I have you:

First- listed on the website as a member.

Second- That your information is correct, i.e., spelling, proper name, proper photo if you have one.  For those without a photo, we will work during our meetings this fall to take photos of members and add those to the sight.

Third-If I am missing any designations, please let me know.  We identify Hall of Fame members, 20 plus year BB officials, State Final 4 games, and State Championship game.  If I am missing one for you, please email me back and I will work to correct this.

Fourth-  If you are retired, please let me know and I will update.

The link to view this page is:  http://www.gcboa.com/class1.html

Also, we have added items to the Resource section, and updates to the Documents tab.  If you have a moment, please take a look.

Have a good spring and summer.

Thank You,

Angelo Zolotas


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